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Ah, vinyl. Massive slabs of quality. Twelve, weighty inches of musical goodness, wrapped in huge cardboard splashes of demonstrative creativity. If opening a new CD is akin to unwrapping a nice pair of socks at Christmas, then cracking open a new LP is getting the keys to a Bentley.

“Music purely for commerce sake is terribly boring, but there has to be a balance.”
Brett Gurewitz

Decadent PhonographyIn this age when people just steal all the music they want, and no one seems to value the sheer sweat, blood and determination that goes into making an album, buying some vinyl is the perfect antidote.

Get back to loving music.
Get back to reading the lyrics as the feedback burns them into your brain.
Get back to stacks of physical albums next to the hifi, each one a ticket to another world, even if for only 45 minutes.

Get back to us at Nevermind, and we will open your ears (forcibly, if needed) to the glory of vinyl!

“We didn’t sell a lot of records, but somehow we left an impression.”
Johnny Ramone